Unexpected prisma error

I’m getting the following error when the app is launched and tries to fetch data from the database.
I tried updating prisma.schema file with the OS name listed below, but it didn’t work.

→ 11   const excludedChannel = await prisma.exclude_moneyandexperience.findFirst(
Query engine library for current platform "debian-openssl-1.1.x" could not be found.
You incorrectly pinned it to debian-openssl-1.1.x

You already added the platforms "debian-openssl-1.1.x", "linux-musl" to the "generator" block
in the "schema.prisma" file as described in https://pris.ly/d/client-generator,
but something went wrong. That's suboptimal.

Did you find a solution to this? Getting the same thing. Tried adding the pkgs.openssl to the replit.nix deps to no avail. Unsure what else to do.