Unexpected kill when using rembg lib

Problem description: using 2 times rembg - background removal - unexpectedly kill the run

Expected behavior: no kiil

Actual behavior: 2022-12-21 20:49:42.933775649 [E:onnxruntime:Default, env.cc:231 ThreadMain] pthrea

Steps to reproduce:

Bug appears at this link:


Hi @rinab301 can you please provide more information about this? The steps you took from the starting point of a clean Repl to the error / problem, a link to the Repl where the problem exists and the device you are using to access the Replit site would be helpful as a starting point! Thanks!

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what is your mail? or how can I send you a private message? I will send you the link.
its an whatsapp bot, that i am using whatsapp cloud api. each chat conversation I am getting am image from the user, edit it one time using rembg (remove backround), sending the edited image back to the user, and delete locally the two images (the input and the output).
I wrote the webhook in python, imported “rembg” python lib and did “run”.
the chat bot user connected with the bot, and in the first chat conversation all was ok.
then, the same whatsapp user started another conversation, he sent an image, and when I ran again the edit method with rembg - replit kiil with the error above.

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Hi @rinab301 you can just post the link here. The community can investigate and suggest some ideas.

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