Unexpected error while logging in to the forums from app

I clicked on ‘forums’ from profile section, it took me to a login page, i entered the email + password correctly.

Instead of logging in, it showed this error message:
Unexpected token '<', "<!DOCTYPE "... is not valid JSON

Steps to reproduce:
Open replit app for Android > account > forum > enter email + password and click login button

OS/Device: Motorola G32, Android 12

Replit app version: 2.56.2

** Replit Profile:** https://replit.com/@SaishGawade

Hi @SaishGawade . Thank you for sharing this issue and welcome!
I tried to reproduce this issue on my Android phone using the Replit app, but I’m able to login with no errors.

I’d recommend clearing any caches related to app and reinstalling as needed. If the same error occurs when using a web browser, clear that cache as well and try again.

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