Unavailable project

I was coding my project for my class yesterday and I wanted to add a picture in my folders to add it to my site with the upload file option but right after I added the picture my whole project was blocked and I can’t access it anymore. I really need this project because it is noted, how do I get it back?

Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@

Well, can you link your project and tell us what it did?

I just had to make a site on one of my courses with a questionnaire at the end and I wanted to put an image for the final grade and I had this bug
Here is the link: https://replit.com/@FredSFR/projet-nsi

i can show you the picture if you want

On my side replit keeps on crashing when I try to access your link. Try making a #bug-reports and close this :slight_smile:

ok thanks for helping me i go do that

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