Unary operations

Question: Ok so I am creating a programming language named: TEPL, and I need help adding support for unary operations.

Repl link: https://replit.com/@VALUEX/TEPL-V-0325

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You will need to modify some parsing rules in your code, for example, in your precedence rules you need to support the unary minus

precedence = (
    ('right', 'UMINUS'),  # Add this for unary minus
    ('left', 'PLUS', 'MINUS'),
    ('left', 'MULTIPLY', 'DIVIDE'),

And add a new rule to handle unary minus:

def p_expression_uminus(p):
    'expression : MINUS expression %prec UMINUS'
    p[0] = -p[2]

This rule matches an expression that is a minus sign followed by another expression, and it has a higher precedence than multiplication/division due to the %prec UMINUS directive.

It looks like you are handling the operations directly in your node class, so I think in the binop method you can handle the unary minus (or not since unary minus is a separate rule) keep trying to see what you accomplish.

Ps.: I’d recommend consider updating your lexer to differentiate between unary and binary operators (might be useful in the future).


Thank you so much!

For some strange reason, my code doesn’t work with the additions I added(unary operations). Could you check to see what the problem could be? @WindLother

I was talking about the AST here… you need to integrate unary operations into your AST structure. Your Node class does not have a method to handle unary operations. That’s why I said to test the binop method.

But you can change this by using a method like unaryop

and modify the p_expression_uminus function to create a unary operation node:

class Node:
    def unaryop(self):
        operand = self.children[0]
        if self.type == "uminus":
            return -operand
            return f"Unknown unary operator, {self.type}"

def p_expression_uminus(p):
    'expression : MINUS expression %prec UMINUS'
    p[0] = Node("uminus", [p[2]])

def p_expression_binop(p):
    '''expression : expression PLUS expression
                  | expression MINUS expression
                  | expression MULTIPLY expression
                  | expression DIVIDE expression'''
    equation = Node("binop", [p[1], p[3]], p[2])
    result = equation.binop()
    p[0] = result


Ok, I will test this, thank you again.