Unaccesable Account

Recently, my school has blocked me from using google login to use my replit account. I am unable to login currently. My username is AndrewDeng3, using the *** email. I have paid for hacker plan (Now called core??? Apparently I got upgraded???) for a year and it has been barely 3 months. Can anyone please link my AndrewDeng3 account to this account? I am unable to go to my account, so I cannot switch emails. As you can see, I have not been online due to this issue for two weeks, and the only reason I continue coding is because of this community.
Repl link/Link to where the bug appears:
My replit account is https://replit.com/@AndrewDeng3
Further Proof:

My current email and profile (Home):
andrewyxd19 gmail
Figure the email out I can’t post more than 2 links

Hi @andrewyxd19 !
Try contacting your school or support@replit.com.

Maybe you can ask for your school IT administrator to give you temporary access to replit so that you can change it?

If you are unable to do so, tho, we can see if any replit staff willing to help you, or just go to support@replit.com

I have contacted my school, and even our school’s cs teachers are currently trying to. I haven’t tried support though

I have asked my IT to give me temporary access. Either he was fired or he just didn’t respond to my email. I can try support though

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Yeah, If you use a school email for your replit account, they might not allow you to use it(This is for all platforms). So I recommend asking an admin of your district to allow you to use this, or create a new account with a “non-school email”.

P.S, the second option is the one that’s probably gonna work best.