Unable to wakeup repl with webview

Question: After the latest update of replit at 1st January 2024, my repl isn’t waking up with the latest webview link…Is there any way to wake up my repls with webview link or always on option?

Repl link/Link to where the bug appears: In my all repl

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unfortunately no; if you check their announcement about Deployments, you’ll see they decided to throw away normal hosting.
they now force you to use Deployments, which is a paid product.

Hey @MrSavage7!

Always-On has been replaced with deployments → https://blog.replit.com/hosting-changes. If you want them to stay active you will have to deploy. If it [Repl] is a bot (Discord, Telegram, etc.) you have to use a Reserved VM Deployment (it has 99.9% uptime), this option does cost the most starting at $7 USD (it is a monthly payment + the amount of traffic it receives). If it [Repl] is a website without a backend (Plain HTML, CSS, JS) use the Static Deployment it is free if you connect a Credit Card (if it goes above your egress limit you have to pay for traffic). If it [Repl] is a website with a backend (Flask, Node, etc.) use the Autoscale Deployment (you do have to pay for this one but depending on what you are doing it can be pretty cheap + your web traffic). I hope this helps!