Unable To Wake Up

Whenever I run my code on the webview, I always get this error that says “UNABLE TO WAKE UP, The repl didn’t wake up in time. Please try again in 30 seconds.”
And this has been hindering my progress. I would be glad if someone can help me tackle this problem.

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Hey @Zikora101 welcome to the forums!

Try kill 1 in the shell within the editor in Replit.


Hey @not-ethan
Thanks so much for replying me!
It’s still showing the same error!

Here’s the link:

Welcome to the community, @Zikora101! Try clearing your cache/browsing history and see if that helps. Also, try and restart replit.

@ JayAySeaOhBee14
I have tried that but it’s still not working.

I have the same Issue too I tried kill 1, Did not work, Restarting, Did not work, Cache, Did not work Is there a good way to do this or are those the only way?


Could you please give a bit more context to your issue? If you could provide screenshots and steps to reproduce, I can take a further look. Thanks!

Hi @mohzaff , welcome welcome the forums!
In your repl, can you confirm that the program is running?
Or is this a Deployment question? We need more information.