Unable to use the #forumfeedback tag

On a side note, I’m unable to add the “#forum-feedback” tag to any of my posts. Can you fix that?

Is the category set to #general? Since we set it so it can only be used there

Never mind. I thought only moderators could enable it.

I recommend adding a tag called “forum-bugs” and allow the bug reports with the tag to be created in #bug-reports


We also have the following tags:

and possibility some others

But they are all synonyms so they will automatically be retagged to #forum-feedback

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It would make sense we could have forum bugs have the #forum-bug tag in #bug-reports category and have forum feature requests have the #forum-feature tag in #feature-requests category.

It would make things more organized in my opinion.

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Agreed but the engineers dont need to see 99.99% of those. There is a feature request for #forum-feedback to be its own categories with sub-cats (like the dev forum) and I strongly support that.

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Agreed. Can you link the feature request topic for that?

It was part of this feature request Category suggestions

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