Unable to use Replit Ask in mobile Discourse App

Problem description:
Unable to log into replit ask on the discourse app on mobile.

When I login, I get the following error:

Expected behavior:
I should be able to login without issue.

Actual behavior:
I get an error saying that I’m not a high enough trust level.

Steps to reproduce:
Simply try logging into Replit Ask via the Discourse App on mobile

iOS 16.4 (iPhone X)

Using a browser like Safari on mobile

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Can confirm that this also happens to me.

I have never seen this yet I feel like I have before. I will do some digging on meta


so is it deja-vu? I think that is what they call it.

It must be from the min trust level for user api key setting being set to TL3 or something above yours. Probly an admin not knowing what it does (or me and I asked one to change it) without knowing this would happen. According to Sam Saffron (co-founder/CEO of discourse) there is a very low risk in making it TL0. "Sorry, you do not have the required trust level to access the user API" when on iOS - support - Discourse Meta


So you asked one to change it back to TL0? Great :+1:

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Hi @ValiantWind that’s the setting changed. Let me know if you are able to log into the Discourse App now.

I am able to login to the Discourse App now. Thanks for fixing this! :slight_smile:


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