Unable to use ghostwriter

I just bought 1000 cycles (10$)
Now i want to use the ghostwriter. It says press activate for ghostwriter, but then it directs me to the pro plan and there’s no other buttons for anything

:wave: Hey @trumanchan1, welcome!

Replit AI (formerly known as Ghostwriter) is now free for everyone. Simply find “AI” under Tools to use the chat feature, and press this button to enable suggestions:



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Yes but i have already used the max conversations so I got the cycles. So cant i unlock ghostwriter and use it for a month nonstop

Your conversations reset weekly.

regardless if i spend my 1000 cycles? can i just purchase a pro plan then and use the cycles for discount, so i pay 20 total for pro plan?


I believe you can buy plans for cycles, but I don’t think this is possible.