Unable to use features I bought with the Pro Plan

Description of the problem (please keep it simple and short):
Hello, nearly 24 hours ago when I purchased the Pro Plan my credit card was charged($20, yet these paid features have still not been applied to my account. This is 1/30th of the time I paid for wasted—and I am feeling scammed. Please fix this within the next few hours or as soon as possible considering I originally expected these features to be applied instantly, and that this delay has been highly inconvenient. I have also submitted a support request earlier, but I have apparently been ignored. Thank you.
Explain what you were trying to do:
I was trying to use the features that should have come with my Pro Plan—such as private Repls, or faster workspaces, but I am unable to as Replit apparently thinks I’m still on the free plan.
What areas or features are involved?
To the extent of my knowledge, nothing that should have come with the Pro plan is working.

I had a similar issue now it says I have the pro plan but it wont give me things like the 8x boost honestly horrible experience hope they fix this soon.

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I’m sorry about the error, we have fixed your account.