Unable to sync/push/pull/merge with Github

I have made a mess of trying to synchronize from my Replit development code to Github. Now I am unable to use Git pane on replit to push with “Can’t pull: you have uncommitted changes” and “Can’t push: unpulled changes must be merged first” errors with numerous committed push & pull not being transported. Since my replit codes are the master, I have no problem “forcing it into” github and overwrites everything there. However, per Replit’s own instruction, the “Pull button” in the Git Pane is not active for me to perform the instructed “merge conflict” resolution. I have spent 2 weeks now trying to sync the codes instead of development work. Very frustrating and non-inituitive.

Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@nyplVL

Hi @nyplVL , welcome to the forums!
Have you staged and committed all the files and updates yet? You need to do that before pulling or pushing changes.

Yes, staged and committed on both sides (Replit and Github). Since they are out of sync and Replit has my master files, I am ok “brute-force” all files from Replit to replace everything in Github. However, those can’t pull & can’t push errors are preventing the migration. Tried to “merge” and was expecting Replit to allow me to choose how/what to merge. Contrary to the instructions, the “pull” button in the Git pane on Replit is not active for me to resolve merge conflicts.

In that case, running git push --force should have the effect you want.

So, download all files from Replit and then use git command line “git push --force” to destination repository in Github? Will both sides (Replit and Github) be considered “sync” after that - and I can continue development in Replit, commit and push changes to Githib via the Git pane?

Thanks in advance for the help.

You should just be able to run that in the Shell tab on Replit.

Yep “brute force” worked via shell. Back in sync. Thanks for the pointers.

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