Unable to send Email in Flask

Hello there
I am unable to send email in Flask it is showing SMTPAuthenticationError: username and password are not accepted again and again
Please solve this problem

Here is a related topic: How to send email in python codes? if this does not solve your issue please post your repl link and leave more detail.


what do you mean? sonic

He is talking to me XD

I want in flask! dragon

We need some code, and the full error.


Yes, share some code pls.

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i believe the topic solution that @dragonhunter1 shared would still work in flask

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here is the code and see the error by yourself

@dragonhunter1 yesterday night it was SMTPAuthencationError and today it was AttritudeError

So he should add tags right?

@dragonhunter1 If you have see the error then suggest me some code to resolve this.OK.

Let’s do one thing. Let me ask help

@DavidAtReplit Hey David,
I will send you invite to my repl and help me to fix my code

@DavidAtReplit Are you OK with that?

Now I am on trust level 2 yay!

This means that the username and password for your SMTP server do not match the username and password you are providing. Double-check to make sure your credentials are correct. If you are using something like Gmail, it might be your google email and password.

Even I add my Google email ID and Password

Still not work joecooldoo

Anyother solutions anyone have?

@not-ethan Can you help me on this?

I think you paste this link instead of this but anyways I mark your reply as Solution

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@dragonhunter1 Thank you for your Solution

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