Unable to scroll to the bottom of a large file on the Replit mobile app

Problem description:
Not allowing scrolling to the bottom of a piece of code.
I am using the iPad 6th Generation for Replit Mobile, and when swiping to scroll down a large file of code (.py) , it will not allow me to scroll all the way to the bottom, but instead prevents me going any further at about 10-20 lines from the bottom of the file.

Steps to reproduce:
Unsure how to reproduce. It seems to happen only part of the time for any given file, not all the time. Have experienced this with multiple files in different projects.

Replit Mobile App / iOS / iPad 6th Generation

Should probably note that I can still edit the text even though I can’t scroll far enough to actually see it.

Try clearing the cache of the app.


That does seems to have worked, thank you. Either way, it does seem to be an odd occurrence.

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