Unable to run bash scripts from replit debian environment

I have been trying to run a sample bash script from the command line,
I was unable to run bash script using these:
bash .sh
./.sh and even,

Here’s my replit:

and my bash script is at

its just a sample script file with echo $0 and #!/bin/bash to
get around with the replit environment and I was
unable to bash script from its shell.

Eager to learn!

BTW, Im new to college and been using replit for quick practice,
Thank you.

Hi @gnashv9 I think it might be easier if you use the Bash template instead of Debian. Try to create a new Repl, type bash in the template field and you’ll be good to go!


Take a look on this my project, you can use all possible linux on replit ( almost most root comands )