Unable to post bug report from within Repl

When I attempt to post replies on the https://replit.com/@985633054 website, encountered the following error:

Error: unable to post replies
Error code: N/A,
I want to send the error report to you, so you can correct it in time.

The answer to the error of the problem is that it is not correct. I have checked the relevant data and information, find the correct answer is another option. Therefore, I hope you can modify the answer to the question, so that other users can get the correct information.

Thank you for your patience reading and processing!


Salute you agree that this is a good bug report

Hi @QCVLZN I moved your post out of the guide and into its own post.

Iā€™m not entirely sure what you are trying to do here. If you can, please provide a screen recording of the steps you are going through so we can see and attempt to replicate the issue.

You should also provide information about the device type, browser name + version you are using.

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