Unable to Open/Create Repls

Problem description:

Any attempt to open a repl, or create a new repl is met with a loading screen. Some of my students opened an assignment at the beginning of class and are able to work, but at some point in the last hour we all became unable to open projects.

I am using the repl.it classroom feature, but I was still able to reproduce it by creating a new repl the standard way.

Expected behavior:

Being able to create/open repls.

Actual behavior:

Being unable to create/open repls.

Steps to reproduce:

Open a repl, or create a new repl.

Bug appears at this link:


screenshots: Bug Report Repl.it - 2/27 - Album on Imgur


Google Chrome, Windows 10

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yes it seems that replit is down

I have been having that issue for about 15-20 minutes now, hopefully it is resolved soon.

If your students have visual studio code i would reccommend that

Hi, thanks for flagging this and sorry to hear you’re having some trouble! We’ve opened up an incident and are working hard on a resolution. You can now view the updated status here.

Hey all, this incident has now been resolved! Thank you for your patience. Please let us know if you run into any more issues.


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