Unable to open/close webview console after naming a variable "parent"

Problem description:
Apparently, creating a variable with the name “parent”, a pretty common variable name, in a HTML, CSS, JS Repl causes the webview console to not be able to open/close.


Expected behavior:
Console should be able to open/close

Actual behavior:
Console does not open/close

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Name a variable “parent” in the global scope
  2. Try opening or closing the console.

Adding on to this, the replit console often errors while trying to display an error…

Looking into this. FYI, the console is known to be unstable and is being looked into at this point.


Coding on iOS Safari—now that’s a hustle right there!

Yep! The mobile app is going to be a much better experience than the web app over all.

Isn’t window.parent a reference to the parent window? Replit is probably referencing parent without explitly specifying window.parent