Unable to mention people by clicking on user in repl comments box

Problem description:

Hey people,

Just wanted to report this bug. When you type @ in the comment section of a repl, you can see a lot of users, who have something related with the repl, but when you select one, the username wont just appear in the input, this is something very similar to another bug report that I made :

This seems to be something that happens normally in replit in the input when you can tag someone, as this was also seen in the comment of a repl. If I cl

Expected behavior:

What you expect from this is to get the username of the person you’ve clicked on the box. So let’s imagine that I’m in the comment section of my HTTP Python Server template, and I want to tag Hay, if I type an @ I suddenly see Hay’s username and click on it, but to my surprise, Hay’s username is not on the input and the usernames box has disappeared!

Actual behavior:

What I expect is to click on Hay’s name and find in the input box a text saying @rayhanadev, but what I see it nothing, and I have to again type the @ and click on Hay’s username again to get no result.

But you can get the username if you click enter or tab, but I think that you should also be able to use the mouse since the username might be the fifth in the username comment list.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Go into the comments of a repl
  2. Type a @
  3. Select a username of the username box

And the input will stay with the @! You can find a loom recording here :

Bug appears at this link:

At any repl comment input!


Chrome/Windows/MSI Desktop

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