Unable to make payment on Usage-based Invoice - Different Credit Cards are declined

Problem description

When attempting to make a payment for the usage-based invoice, credit cards are being declined.
All invoices have already been paid, except for one amounting to $4, and we are unable to complete the payment for that remaining one.
All our deployed Repls have been taken off by Replit, causing significant problems due to the issues with Repl’s billing system. We reached out to the support team about 6 hours ago regarding this issue and have not heard back yet.
This is really frustrating for us…

Expected behavior

Invoice Payment should go through

Actual behavior

Credit cards are being declined

Steps to reproduce

Replit support should have responded immediately.


Chrome, Safari


Linux, Mac OS

Device if mobile

IOS, Android


Core Membership

Welcome to the forums, @icecube1513

This is due to an ongoing issue with deployments. The Replit team is currently attempting to resolve this.

So the reason we’re unable to make a usage-based invoice payment is because of this deployments incident going on?

I am not sure. The reason your deployment went down in the first place is most likely due to the ongoing incident, but I am not sure why the invoice payment is being wonky too. If possible, try waiting until Replit staff have resolved the issue, as this may clear up some of the issues. I do not know for a fact though, as I am not a member of Replit Staff.


Yeah I think we’ll have to wait.
Irony is we’re on a core plan + we have around 10-12 deployments(static,Autoscale,VM’s). All of them went down and are still down and we’re seeing this message at the deployment section of each Repl:
“Your account currently has restrictions on deploying. We’re here to help! Please reach out to our support team for assistance.”
Outstanding $4 Invoice is not going through + the support team is not replying as well, which is leaving us furious.