Unable to login with my gmail account

Problem description:
Once i try to login using my student google account (gabriel.correa@estudante.iftm.edu.br), i get this message :

Please log in with your email gabrieldu1180 or username password, or go to https://replit.com/forgot to reset it. If you are still having trouble, contact support at replit help for help.

This has only been happening since yesterday, i was able to login into that account just fine before.
After going to https://replit.com/forgot and changing my password there, i can access my account by using the email and password, but i still can’t log in by only using my gmail like before.

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Hi @gabrieldu1180 , welcome t the forums!
Your email,

could be terminated because you graduated maybe?

Disconnecting or reconnecting your Google account at replit.com/account under Connected services should allow you to sign in with Google again.

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Thanks, this worked. For some reason my google wasn’t connected, after connecting the account, i was able to connect with just my gmail like before.

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