Unable to embed Repl.its anymore

I no longer seem to have the ability to embed repl.its anymore. Particularly for education, this is an invaluable feature as it allows one to embed a demo within the context of a reading.

The documentation on this is still live:

There is no longer a share button, only an invite button. Also, publishing a repl.it does not allow embedding either.

I have a site license for Teams for Education but my personal account is currently on the free plan. I see no mention of this being different with the hacker plan.

Hi there, thanks for this question! You can read more about embedding Team Projects (repls inside of a Team for Edu) here.
To embed a personal repl, you can use the instructions in the doc you referenced. I understand that “share” is pretty vague so I’ll update it to make it clearer!

  1. Spotlight your project
  2. Copy the URL from your spotlight page and use it in the HTML iframe code provided here where it says src="your-spotlight-url?lite=true"

Feel free to send me a repl link and I can create some iframe examples for you!

This doesn’t seem to work for Medium. You can’t directly embed an iFrame there, you can only use embedly.