Unable to download on ipad

I can’t download my repository on ipad (via browser). I think there’s a pop-up and apple blocks it (on my raspberry I get an alert but I can download the file if I allow the browser)

Welcome to the community! What do you mean by repository? Github or Replit?

On replit, I would like to download a project, but when I click on “download as zip” nothing happends. (I can download single files (e.g: index.html) but not the whole project)

Hey @redscorpse welcome to the forums!

Are you able to do it in the app (Im forgetting if they added it to the app yet)

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Thank you for the welcome. I don’t know if it can be done in the app, but I’m trying in Safari and I’ve also tried firefox, and none of them works.

Try going to your repl URL and adding .zip to the end of it, e.g. https://replit.com/@username/repl-name.zip

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Cool! Thanks :hugs: Now it works.

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No you can’t on the app

wow. How did you know that?

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I think it’s somewhere in the docs, but also if you press the download as zip button, if your computer is slow enough you will see a new tab open with a URL like this, then it’ll disappear and the download will start.

ahh, I see. Thanks for the explanation!

I have the mobile app and this is a screenshot of it

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