Unable to deploy repl gives an error

Problem description

Unable to deploy repl gives an error.

Expected behavior

Deployment success

Actual behavior

Your app failed to promote
Common issues for promote stage errors can be an error occurring while trying to run your run command, your application exiting unexpectedly, an error on your app server or a provisioning issue.

Ways to debug:
make sure your repl runs in the Workspace
view our troubleshooting tips
look for errors in your application’s server logs
look for errors in your promote stage logs

Steps to reproduce

deploy the app.





Device if mobile




Please upload screenshots

Screenshot 2024-05-16 10.51.34 AM.png

@adarshrkumar Hello there. Can you share a link to the Repl you’re trying to deploy?

Also, what kind of application are you trying to deploy? if it’s a bot, we recommend the deployment type Reserved VM via Background Worker.

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It’s an autoscale deployment, a custom API thing; a blogpost feed for my website.

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working now, thanks!


this can be closed now!

:wave: Hey @adarshrkumar!

It’s great to hear that you’ve fixed your problem, but please provide an explanation to how you did, so that other users with the same issue can easily find the solution.

I think it was likely related to the incident we resolved recently: https://status.replit.com/notices/zvsna1butl5j5b3f-temporary-issue-with-new-deployments


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