Unable to deploy Python script

Problem description:
I’m trying to deploy a Python script and the deployment keeps hanging on “Connecting to builder…”.

Expected behavior:
The Python script should deploy.

Actual behavior:
Python script hangs on connecting to builder and terminates after 180s.

Steps to reproduce:
Deploy Python script.

Bug appears at this link:


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info: Deployment: 86c2e775-bdd9-4f67-a811-e439e8a1d6c6 - 2023-08-01T04:16:36.088Z
info: Build: 5601a2fb-72fe-4754-b4d1-4dda415732a2 - 2023-08-01T04:16:36.089Z
info: Connecting to builder - 2023-08-01T04:16:36.090Z

output right now

same issue. deployment just wont work, no errors either.

cc @ShaneAtReplit please

Are python scripts deployable?

they should be, don’t see why not. in my case I’m trying to deploy an express app, & @AnishRavipati1 is deploying a python script.

Deploying an express app is possible, I’m just not sure about if any python script is deployable. Could you tell me what the script is about, so I can see if it’s an API, etc ?

Oh, I’m sorry, I was wrong. Could you send me a log of the deployment error?