Unable To Deploy My Bot -hostingpid1: an open port was not detected

I have everything set to be able to use this GitHub - reality-comes/GPT-4-Discord-Bot-Long-Term-Memory: Discord Bot written in Python that uses GPT-4 Turbo and embeddings to generate long-term memory. but I am getting the error hostingpid1: an open port was not detected

not sure the best way to set up this to resolve the issue.

anyone help I had this setup

Sorry I am a noobish to this last step

:wave: Welcome @TheMindExpansio!

Please deploy as a background worker Reserved VM instead of Autoscale.

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Thank you for the fast reply super awesome I love this platform huge help for me to learn just these small things

will be trying it again now

is there a good recommendation for what I should set for this

Or should I just leave it blank

Sorry if quick trying to bust the is out before kiddo gets home from school

You should just leave that blank.

Thank you for the awesome help I was able to get it

did not do background worker def good learning experience

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