Unable to deploy a static html webpage

I am taking a class on html and they recommend replit to display our static html websites for other students to critique. The instructions I have viewed in several videos do not show that when you choose deploy, that you must enter a credit card. I do not want to enter a credit card and be charged for something since I thought deploying a static webpage was free. So my question is, do I have to enter a credit card in order to do this or is there another way? And if I enter my credit card, what will I be charged?



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Hi @joyscode , welcome to the forums!
You have to connect a credit card, but you can set a $0 spending limit on the Usage page. This will allow the deployment to only use the resources up to your Outbound Data Transfer for your plan.
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Thanks for your help. I guess I will have to enter my credit card. I really did not want to have to do this.


No, you cannot. It is still locked to a $10 minimum, unless it’s changed in the last few days. edit: just checked, it still has a $10 min:


Replit used to have it where you could do your project, and it would automatically give you a free, Replit-hosted link like this: https://project-name.username.repl.co.

However, on 1/1/24, they decided to make deployments forced and made .repl.co deprecated.

I guess you could do deployments and fill out CC information; however, if there is a way, you can share your project with the students, which means that you and the students can edit and view the output of your project in the workspace.

Another alternative is that they can fork the repl and get a cloned copy of your project where they can view it.

For personal experiences with static deployments, I have only ever deployed one project on Replit, and I didn’t get charged anything so far, but I wouldn’t deploy tons of my test/class projects that I know won’t get used in the next three weeks or so.


If you put your credit card and dont buy anything you should be fine. Keep an eye on your usage page in case you see anything sus. Replit support is chill so even if you do they will refund ti

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Thanks everyone for their responses. I like the idea that I can deploy my class assignments and other students can view my static pages. So now maybe I’m doing it too much? I just checked my account and my usage has racked up $0.08 so far. I realize that isn’t very much. But when I just created a new web page I got a message that I was over my CPU usage. What I’m concerned about is if I keep doing this, am I going to rack up more than $10 in usage fees? Honestly I didn’t think I was doing that much and my html pages are small and really boring. I’m not using any javascript or anything exciting YET. What happens when I start making complicated websites? Or start doing some Python programming? Will my usage increase exponentially? Just wondering if I am better just paying for a year’s membership or does that have restrictions too? Thanks for any help in advance.


You can set usage limits on the usage page so that it doesn’t go over $10.