Unable to delete Repl

Problem description:
I can’t delete my Repl.

Expected behavior:

The repl deletes

Actual behavior:

Request times out

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Open repl IDE
  2. Press Repl name in top left
  3. Press 3 dots
  4. Press delete in dropdown


  1. attempt to delete repl from my repls page


  1. attempt to delete repl from gql

Bug appears at this link:

Chrome/MacOS Ventura/Macbook Air


I’ll try deleting something.

@doxr in the future: I can delete perfectly fine. To check, I went into CLUI, checked trash, and there it is.

Did you try in a different browser/device/(just guessing)wifi? What are the results?

BTW I searched up 503, I think it only gives that error for a bit, and at a later time, it doesn’t give you any error. The topic is 3 hours old currently so that could be a reason.

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I can delete any other Repl fine, just not this one. I already contacted support and they referred me here.

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POV: You found a super rare bug

Any update on this? I would like to delete this Repl to free up my account storage.

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I removed all the files inside the Repl and changed the name, still it doesn’t work.

Now I have an empty repl which I cannot remove:


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Is the repl private? I can’t access it.

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Yes, It’s private. I can invite you though

Hey @CoderGautamYT!

I am sorry that you are running into this issue. I have sent this to the team and will follow up as soon as I have an update!

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Hey! We have recently sent out a fix for this, so if you’re still seeing issues please do let me know!

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Just tried, Still unable to delete this repl: https://replit.com/@CoderGautamYT/Undeletable-Repl

Thanks, we will take another look!