Unable to create a bun project, it stucks at 'Would you like to use TypeScript ...'


After launching the Bun template or Blank template repl, I open a shell to scaffold a bun project. To scaffold the bun application, I open a shell and execute ‘bun create next-app’. However after prompting for the project name, it stucked at subsequent selection ‘Would you like to use TypeScript with this project?’… I don’t know if I am using the blank or the bun repl correctly, I just want to create a bun project and deploy it on a repl server. Thanks please advise. Thanks in advance.

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Screenshot from 2024-01-07 19-56-49

The bun project scaffolding should have prompted for more questions.

code snippet

bun create next-app

Hey @P7081911, and welcome to the forums!

You should use the official Bun template for simplicity. If you wish to continue on your current Repl, you have to choose the option by clicking the left or right arrows on your keyboard.

Bad UX, I know. Blame enquirer.

Thanks for replying. I did try using the official Bun template. I first create a repl using the official Bun template. Next via the shell tab, I attempt to create a Bun project using the Bun scaffolding… $ bun create next-app, unfortunately, it stuck and unable to proceed to scaffold the Bun project.

CRA is very outdated, and most likely does not support Bun.

I’d say use Vite. To scaffold a Vite + React project, use:

bunx create-vite my-vue-app --template react

for JSX

bunx create-vite my-vue-app --template react-ts

for TSX