Unable to copy team project to another team

Problem description:
Unable to copy project from one replit team to another

Expected behavior:
Copy of replit project to show up in destination team

Actual behavior:
No project shows up, no error message

Steps to reproduce:
Copy from source team by project menu from main team page or by generating a link

Bug appears at this link:

Chrome/Windows 10/ L13 yoga thinkpad

Hey @Mr-Clark!

Can you please send me the link to the project you are trying to copy and the username of the team you are copying the project to?

The the link to the project I’m trying to copy is this: https://replit.com/@benavidescs30-w2023/Association-and-Inheritance

And the team I’m trying to copy it to is this: https://replit.com/team/compsci-30-winter-2023-clark

Sorry for the delay! We will look into this!

I have great news! We were able to find the cause of the issue.

It looks like the solution Repl in the destination team (compsci-30-winter-2023-clark) for “Association and Inheritance (depreciated)” wasn’t updated to include the “(deprecated)” part in the title, so the solution for that project is still “Association and Inheritance Solution”.

When you copy the project “Association and Inheritance” from the originating team (benavidescs30-w2023), it will also copy the solution, “Association and Inheritance Solution”. Because the destination team already has a Repl with that name, our server runs into an error as two Repls cannot have the same name.

To fix this, you can change the name of the solution Repl: https://replit.com/@compsci-30-winter-2023-clark/Association-and-Inheritance-Solution to “Association and Inheritance (deprecated) - Solution”.

Please let me know if that works!


Awesome! That worked, thank you! I didn’t realize that associated file names didn’t update when I changed the project name.

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