Unable to connect website to my repl after deployment - Server (500 Errors) when trying to connect my website to my repl

Question: New to replit. 1st time deploying my repl. I’m want to use a website I created as ui for my repl program. Users at my website are supposed to enter data at the website and then when they push an enter button, the data is to be sent to my repl, the repl runs the program and then sends the response back to my website for the user to read or see. Problem: when I am testing sending data to my repl, I keep getting error 500 messages and I am not seeing anything other than start-up in the logs in deployments either. attached is the screen shot of the logs. Tried everything I could get Ghostwriter to help me with, but no go. I just redeployed for the 3rd time. repl runs internally on console, but I cannot connect to website - server error?

Replit Profile: https://replit.com/@

I revised the post. Hopefully it makes sense. I just want to connect my Website to my deployed repl and keep getting server error messages when trying to connect my website to my repl.

Thank you!

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I’d like to know this too

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Hey @JNComm and @kay-hal!

I apologize for not seeing this issue earlier. Can you both send me the links to your Repls so I can take a look? Also, please refer to our troubleshooting guide for common Deployments issues and how to fix them.

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