Unable to connect to container in 90s

Problem description:
Trying to deploy a React App and multiple times and it keeps getting error “Unable to connect to container in 90s”
I was able to deploy a few days ago

Expected behavior:
App gets deployed

Actual behavior:
Error message “Unable to connect to container in 90s”

Steps to reproduce:
Click Deploy

Bug appears at this link:

React App


Hey @Jose-MiguelMi89!

Would you mind sending me the link to your Repl so I can investigate?

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same here

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Same for me, also a React app (private repl)

Hey Jose!

Our logs show that you made a successful deployment 3 days ago. Are you still having issues or have they subsided since your report?

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Same for you @YuvalSteuer1, I see a successful deploy 3 days ago. Are you still seeing the issue?

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Yes, on my side it’s solved now. Thanks

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Ok today is happening again - same Replit

Thanks, we will take another look!

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Hey, this was a tricky one but we’ve landed a fix in the last couple days that should clear up these cases. Try a re-deploy and let me know if you see this error again.