Unable to connect to container in 180s

Problem description:
Trying to deploy a python app and multiple times keep getting the error unable to connect to container in 180s. The same happened with 2 other apps that I duplicated that are exactly the same.

Expected behavior:
App gets deployed

Actual behavior:
Error message: “Unable to connect to container in 180s”

Steps to reproduce:
Click deploy

Bug appears at this link:


Hey @adsmanager1!

How long (on average) do your Repls take to start up after clicking the run button?

Also, you can visit our documentation on how to debug deployments: https://docs.replit.com/hosting/deployments/troubleshooting

@ShaneAtReplit They start up right away - matter of seconds. But Deployment gets stuck and then cannot connect to container in 180s… I’ve gone through the documentation and everything checks out.
I deployed and ran the app 7 days ago. I haven’t changed anything and it now won’t re-deploy…

Understood, we will look into this. Thank you for the information!

Could you try deploying the Repl one more time, and if it fails, send us the Deployment ID from the logs so we can check out our internal logs?

+1 i’m having issues redeploying, but it’s stuck at “connecting to builder” then fails. no changes have been made that should affect the ability to deploy, and past deployments have worked fine up until yesterday.

it seems like this is an error many people are experiencing across the bug reports. any update on when this will be resolved?

I apologize for the delay on this. I was out last week.

Did you happen to catch the Deployment ID when you had the issue with connecting to builder? If not, could you try deploying one more time and, if it fails, send me the Deployment ID?