Unable to configure pyright-extended

Pretty much, there’s this pyright-extended thingy with ruff, yapf and pyright. I tried messing with it, and I like it, but I can’t seem to configure it in pyproject.toml. I may be dumb, but even if i exclude all ruff linters (except pyflakes), im still getting warnings from them. I just want pylsp back :sob: or configure pyright extended to work like it.

Hey @AljaBerginc!

Can you please send me the link to the Repl that you lost pylsp so we can take a look?

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It’s any repl, really.
heres one i made a few days ago: https://replit.com/@AljaBerginc/i-hate-python-replit
and even if i remove the explorer role, it’s the same thing. thanks for replying btw

Thanks! When we forked your Repl, we saw the LSP work as expected:

Is there a reason why you are manually editing the pyproject.tom file? Could you try installing the package via the packages tool in the workspace and see if that works?

Is this uncommon? I’ve had to edit it a few times due to random configuration errors that poetry won’t solve on its own, nor could I see how through it’s CLI. I also edit it in a majority of my Repls to remove default requirements that I don’t need to save space. I also have gotten in the habit of manually purging certain folders through the Shell as well, which I’d assume is less common than editing the toml file.

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Its not really about that but rather about the strict rules of ruff (like lines being too long, expressions unused)

But today you guys made it configurable in pyproject.toml anyways, so the issue is fixed. Thanks for helping, and sorry if im dumb about all of these things, never messed with them lol

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