Unable to buy cycles. My credit cards keep getting declined

I tried with my different credit cards to buy cycles and all of them got declined, its not funds issue as the cards have enough funds, It kept saying card declined. And looks like the website cannot accept any payment methods other than credit cards. I don’t know what to do now as I am entering a bot design contest and the deadline to enter is tomorrow and I will need to have my bot always on for at least 5 days and my cards are keeping getting declined​:disappointed::disappointed:

Just note: The “Always-On” feature isn’t “always-on”. It will still stop the repl after a while but restart it ASAP.

I am okay with that if the restart is automatic

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What plan/cycles are you trying to purchase?
What does it say when it errors out?

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Just FYI deployments do not have this issue, but they also do not have persistent filesystems (meaning that any changes made while it’s running won’t change your Repl).

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Trying to buy 150 cycles for $1.50 , it says credit card declined

Problem description:
Cannot purchase subscription

Expected behavior:
Clicking “Confirm Purchase” purchases a subscription

Actual behavior:
returns error “We are unable to authenticate your payment method. Please choose a different payment method and try again.” with both my debit card and credit card which both have funds

I’m also having the same issue

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@JustinCameron @techwithanirudh can you provide a video/picture showing you buying cycles/subscription (make sure to cover up your personal info in the video/picture).

Im experiencing the same issue, i have had a hacker plan for a year but now it doesnt accept the debit card. Its saying that my card doesnt support this type.

@foxythepirategr make a new topic about this. I can pin someone for help since I don’t know the answer.