Unable To Access Page (Flask)

I am unable to access the page 400 Bad Request (redcoder.repl.co).
Link to repl: https://replit.com/@RedCoder/New-Star-Cards?v=1

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Do you get any errors on the console when accessing the owner-dashboard route?
Maybe this will help get to the problem.

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No. I do not get any errors.

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Moved this to Python since it seems like a Flask server-end problem.

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@SnakeByte It is, good idea. Any ideas on the error? It gives a 400 error when I try to load the page.

I’m not sure, I don’t know much Flask.
Let me see…

@SnakeByte Any luck figuring it out?

it works in the replit.com embed…

NVM its the homepage


it tries to access the request.form stuff even when you initially visit the route via a browser and no form data is sent (as it’s a GET request).
Try this:

@app.route('/owner-dashboard', methods=["POST"])
def set_keys():
  form = request.form
  card = {"name": form["cardname"], "front": form["cardfront"], "back": form["cardback"]}
  db[card.get("name")] = card

def owner_dashboard():
  return render_template('ownerdash.html')

I’d have preferred flask to be a little more helpful here and error out as soon as you try to access request.form on a route which doesn’t have a methods argument (and so is GET-only) :person_shrugging:


@UMARismyname Now allows me to access the page but still not possible to upload either image or submit.