Unable to access a Repl

I have changed a parameter in the configuration of one of my Repls, with a very wrong setting, and I cannot access the files anymore.
It keeps on trying to boot, stays in Working state and I don’t see any file.
How can I change the .nix or repl.it files to fix that ?

Hey @fvillemin!

Just click on the 3 dots and click on show hidden files and you will be able to see the replit.nix file! This should be the solution. If so could you mark it!

unfortunately, I can’t see files. I can click on Show Hidden files but no files appear, it seems stuck while trying to connect/working
I have no shell available for example

I had a similar issue with a non-starting repl. I was able to recover the files by forking it.

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That’s good option, it will may loop the loading!

no sorry, it doesn’t work, the fork does exactly the same thing.
I think i will have to delete these Repls