Ultra-Violet Proxy Service

Every time I run My Code it Boots up and then instantly shuts down and says It violates the terms of service. I am very confused I use it to get away from the ads and to provide safe access to the web for me and my fellow classmates. I just don’t understand why it is now a forbidden action within replit.

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hey there, proxies like UV are banned on replit (they violate the ToS of replit since most of them are used to bypass school restrictions). It appears that you might be using it for safe access to internet. However, it’s still not allowed because others use it to bypass the school restrictions. If you school allows this then just ask them about it


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Unfortunately, proxies used to bypass restrictions are against replit’s ToS, and as most proxies on replit are used to bypass restrictions, they are not allowed.


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If you need to provide safe access to the web, try using a VPN extension (Find a safe one!) and to get away from ads, use an ad blocker. Ultraviolet was created to let you access any site on Chromebook, but it looks like you aren’t doing that. Still, proxies aren’t allowed so I recommend you to get a VPN like I said (NordVPN is good but I don’t know if it’s an extension).

Unconventional way to not get ads

Use YouTube nocookie. It’s not worth it for short videos but longer videos that you don’t want ads on, it’s useful. I have a converter thing that turns normal video links to youtube-nocookie links and YouTube nocookie is not a fake website, it’s by Google. My link: ytub.doxr.repl.co

@doxr has an… unconventional way of doing it. I would recommend just using adblock or perhaps a browser which autoblocks ads like brave

ublock origin works better.


I don’t know man ;-; just telling him not to do weird sus stuff

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If you could you could use a VPN there are free ones out there with good ratings. :slight_smile:

ublock has a grip on websites it does not like, for example a forum for a dated (but still active) website that was actively being redirected by ublock

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If you don’t like a filter list, then just don’t use it, or add exceptions.

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Proxies violate Replit’s TOS.
I also had this question: