Uh... Someone help me


Help me :skull:

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You could report the user but unless they actually did something wrong then there would be no point.


Yes, there’s also a user named *****graphy… you can get what the asterisks stand for…

The way to fix inappropriate username would be to add a filter to stop creation of accounts with these usernames.

Btw this user followed me too, and many others, it’s possibly a bot…

Please report the user and we will handle it. For this user I will handle it now if another mod did not already

I handled it

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the user also followed me along with other ppl

Like me :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses: maybe im someone malicious too

By far, the most concerning one:


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I think i saw them on that among us game

naw you good giggapoggers along with ivan dunbar

I just got that too.