Typo in code snippet shown on the main page

Currently the main page shows this as an example in the “Power up your projects” section, which doesn’t look very nice as an advertisement for Ghostwriter (although the gray part representing AI-generated code is correct):

class Car: def init(self, year, make, model): ...

def _init_ apparently should have been def __init__ (two underscores each side). Could someone from Replit fix it?

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Note that only logged-out users will see the main page as it is.

Welcome to Ask! It seems you are correct in that there is a syntax error in the sample code.
Here is the rest of that part of the page to make it easier to find:

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To be pedantic, it’s not actually a “syntax error”, since if you were to write such a class Python will still run it…

Hey @InSyncWithFoo!

Thank you for reporting this. I have let the team know that this is an issue.