Typing has an exteme delay inside code editor

Problem description:
Replit is super laggy when I try to write code in a file. The repl’s resources are not taken up at all. I’ll type something and it takes a couple seconds for it to appear on my screen, and this occurs throughout all my devices with Replit, including high-end ones. There is a very noticeable delay.

Expected behavior:
Should run smoothly when writing code in the editor.

Actual behavior:
Extreme delay and terrible productivity.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Make a repl with about 10 files or more, or have a file with a lot of text/code inside.
  2. Try to code/type in that file or another.
  3. Watch the delay.

Bug appears at this link:
The workspace inside this repl: https://replit.com/@Ajh499/About-Ajh-NEW?v=1

Windows, Mac, PC, Laptop, Phone


Do you have any browser extensions running? What happens when you close all other tabs and apps on your device?

Welcome to the community, @Ajh499! I have totally never met you before. :wink: Ummmm the only way to make it faster is probably to boost it…

I have this same issue when editing a 102-line HTML file. The editor is extremely slow and takes about 5 seconds to type in a single character.

i do have a couple extensions installed on my pc, but not my other devices. i usually work in one tab anyway, so i still get the same results, even with all background apps and other programs closed. this only happens about 2/3 of the time i edit my repls though, sometimes it’s lucky

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What is your browser and device version?
Does updating to the latest browser version help?

Can you please provide me with a screen recording so I can investigate?

Welcome to the community! This happens to me when I have too many Replit tabs open. On my nicer computer this number is pretty high but restarting my browser generally fixes the problem.