Typescript: How to format code + how to type-check

Hi all, yesterday I created a sample one-file Typescript project. I have a couple of questions:

  1. How to format my code automatically in the web (desktop) IDE and, if not possible, how to trigger re-formatting? I didn’t find any option to do that in the UI.

  2. How to format code in the mobile app? There is a “Format” tab action, but if I press that button, it invariably triggers a “Sorry, formatting failed” pop-up.

  3. How to get my files type-checked? In the example, I inserted a statement containing a blatant type error (const a: boolean = 'stringy'), but the error is not highlighted on the UI and building / running it works without any error message.

  1. Ctrl + S
  2. Mobile app is buggy soo
  1. cmd-s and ctrl-s doesn’t work for me (I’m on Mac / Chromium (Brave))