TypeError: Failed to fetch

**My FE is here - https://replit.com/@CyanoPrem/fe-test#script.js
BE Express - https://replit.com/@CyanoPrem/express-be#index.js

Getting this error when i try to send request - // TypeError: Failed to fetchhttps://8824c6c8-b2e2-491c-ae4a-e83eb205c84b-00-jug3ku1l6ekr.pike.replit.dev/__replco/static/devtools/devtools.js:56

Ignore the devtools.js error.
If there is another issue, please say so.

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That is an actual error, the backtrace location is just incorrect.


I am not able to send the request to express from my react, when i try to send a request i get this error, is the backend url route (https://exress-be.cyanoprem.repl.co/) mentioned in react request wrong? How should i change it?

That would be wrong, yes. repl.co is dead, and you either need to deploy, or use the dev URLs that only work while the Repl is open in a browser tab.

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