Two repl from the same GitHub?

I tried to have two repl in the same GitHub (but different branches), and it looks like it confuses repl even if with different names.
Is it even possible?

I am thinking to carry on a fun project in two languages (pythion and Nim) and would have two gits while two branches might be better

Can you please explain in detail what issue(s) you’re experiencing? What does the Git pane in the Replit workspace look like for you?

When create two replit from one git they seem to point to the same replit as if the second is just a link tot he first one created.

Try running git checkout <branchname> in the shell of each repl to switch to a different branch.

Alternatively if you’ve got Explorer Mode activated, you can use the Git Pane to switch branches.

You mean that if I switch the branch the two repl will no longer point to the same repl?

If you switch branches, each Repl will still point to the correct repository, but the code in each one will correspond to the branch it’s in.

oki will try, hopefully it works thanks

So i created a new branch on my repo and then created a second NIM repl (the first is a python on for the python branch) … and the hell went loose on the second reply.
Git failed, and after few moments asked to disconnect the repo