Tutorials and Guides removed from Replit Docs

What happened to all the amazing tutorials and guides that were in the Replit Docs?

I was reading one about running a Discord bot but now it’s 404.

There were about a dozen I was interested in and they’re all gone.

Were they removed? Did they move to a new location?

Please bring these back.

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well I don’t know but I kinda think they just got moved into 100days of python

They’re not in 100 days of Python.

A lot of non-Python tutorials and guides are also gone.

Heyo! Most of the tutorials were very stale since we made so many updates to the workspace, which broke many of the instructions.

I noticed a lot of stale elements but they were still a good starting point.

Is it possible that they can get updated?

We’re working on a new place for guides!


When exactly, Jesse? Where’s the community? Why are you doing this?

Why are you deleting everything related to the community? Its been months…

Please dont flag this post. Please…

4 things:

  1. @jesse No longer works at Replit (Pity, he was a great support member!)
  2. The team has many other things to do, so I don’t think these tutorials are the top priority.
  3. I don’t see how tutorials on the docs is related to the community…?
  4. I don’t think @jesse is entirely to be blamed for these changes, that’s not very fair.
  1. Wait, he no longer works at Replit? Thats sad.
  2. I remember that the community could make tutorials via Markdown
  3. I apologize for blaming him, admit it, I was angry.