Turn Off Code intelligence for Education Team?

I’m planning on using Teams for Education for my AP CSP course, and I wanted to know if there was a way to turn off the code intelligence ‘system-wide.’ Or at least have the default setting off. I don’t really want my students to have auto-completion on right away, but I don’t want to direct their attention to it for them to manually turn off, either.


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Hey, @joshuabas welcome to the forums.

There is no way to disable the autocomplete withing replit (without external scripts). This would be a nice feature to have in Teams for EDU thought.

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Thanks for the prompt reply!

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Hi @joshuabas thanks for your question. @Ethan 's solution is correct but I’ve asked it this can be added to the list of feature requests for future consideration. Have a great day!

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I didn’t know I needed this feature until I saw this post, but it’s a pretty big pain point!

Every time a student screenshares with me, the code intelligence is something they are fighting, not something that’s helping them. Seems like globally defaulting to ‘off’ is better than on, especially for new coders


I second @robcobb’s comment about students “fighting” the code intelligence.

It’s similar to how some students try to understand an error about missing a closing bracket: they look at the line number where the error is reported and try to fix that, not understanding that the error is on the line above, and thus wreck their code trying to solve the problem.

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