Trying to publish Google Sites and Replit with cloudflare at the same time

I am trying to publish a website using google sites as www. subdomain and the replit one with a. domain which is a debug test i created and i keep getting the ssl handshake error with this.
Any fixes? using Google Sites: (due to limitation of replit community i can’t post two photos at once so visit the site for yourself.)

EDIT: i managed to find out how to fix this but now i need help to get rid of this

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May be Replit have some issues.
I can’t start my repl too

oh and btw you have to make a rule where if subdomain with url full is equal to like uhhhh it should switch to flexable
(cloudflare ssl soulation)

Hey @BobOWOUWUmine!

It looks like the website you shared is not connected to a Repl. Are you still experiencing the issue you reported?

I am still waiting still didn’t go away.

Hey @BobOWOUWUmine, welcome to the community!

Your Repl seems to work fine for me. Are you still having issues?

Wrong subdomain website, you were supposed to enter into

Whoops, my bad.
Could you send a link to your Repl?

From the Cloudflare dashboard have the SSL on strict and the cloudflare proxy turned off.

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How do i disable cloudflare proxy?

@CosmicBear Can you show me a link or a screenshot please? (nevermind figured it out)

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