Trying to add an astro website from github to replit

Hey there! I’m trying to add a astro website from github and put it on replit. How would I do this? Also, the repo is :
@RayhanADev also, I don’t want this to be a bounty :slight_smile:

Use the “import from GitHub” button when creating the repl (If that does not work create a new node repl and connect to your repo after creation)

I tried both, but it didn’t work. I think I need to invite the person to see the problem. Unfortuantely, you said that your good with python, not node :frowning:

I thought this was about GitHub?

yeah, but the problem is actually about node and npm and stuff. sry, I’m so confusing :smiley:

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I was able to run this myself by:

  1. Importing the repo into a Repl. I had to manually choose the “Node.JS” template after pasting in the Github link
  2. Installing packages (npm install)
  3. Running the Astro dev server while forcing it to listen on the public IP address using the --host flag
    npx astro dev --host OR npm start -- --host

#3 is probably the one you need

For more info on this:


hallelujah. you are a savior.


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