Trust level 3.. But is this a mistake?

Is this really true? I swear I got warned before, twice I think. But why did I still get TL3? I was 1 warn away from being suspended.

Yeah, Maybe it isn’t a mistake, just read the reqs for TL3. Crazy how I almost got suspended and still got TL3. Hey, in the next few days I would be demoted to TL2. So I will be waiting.


As said in How to reach TL3? - #11 by not-ethan, the requirements of TL3 have been edited and are not public to avoid gaming the system. The number of warnings you could receive may have also been raised, or your warnings could have expired.


You should set it as your flair, so others know.


Its less than a month ago… So it is possible that it was raised ( 2 warnings )

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The list of requirements cant be changed. Meaning warnings don’t affect tl3 stats


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